Is A Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity A Good Choice?

When a bathroom is being remodeled, there are many types of vanities available including a wall mounted bathroom vanity. Small or compact bathrooms may look larger when a wall mounted vanity is used. This streamlined look is great for bathrooms with a sleek modern look. The clear space underneath the vanity contributes to the airy contemporary look. Some of these vanities offer under sink storage and some don’t. It is important to choose the type and style of bathroom vanity that will work well in the room and for the end user.

The vanity should make the best use of the available space. It should coordinate with the rest of the bathroom elements such as the toilet, bathtub or shower, and the flooring and ceramic tile to be used. Wall mounted vanities come in one or two sink sizes in different lengths. There should be a choice of sink styles to go in or on the vanity. Everyone wants enough counter space to hold the supplies they use every day while doing personal grooming tasks. There should be electrical outlets near the counter to plug in hair styling and shaving appliances. Ideally, there will be an outlet above each sink. These outlets need to be grounded and safe to use near water.

The vanity will also need mirrors installed above it. Mirrors can be of many styles and can have attractive framing. There are also mirrors that have shallow cabinets behind them to store beauty and health supplies. When a wall mounted vanity has no storage below it, this kind of mirror can fill part of the storage need. A vanity without storage can be combined with a coordinating bathroom storage unit or a nearby linen closet. Most bathrooms can accommodate some type of shelving above the toilet or along a free wall. There should also be a set of coordinating towel racks near the vanity and the bathing facilities. The choice of water faucets and controls can make a big difference in the look of the vanity.

When a bathroom is being designed for a new home or the remodel of an existing home, it is important to coordinate all of the elements so there is a pleasing and convenient to use whole. For more information, visit the website.