Business Solutions

My parents, along with my first employer at age 16, instilled in me respect for my co-workers and employer, the value of hard work, responsibility and how to interact with the public. This all played a big part in my growth as a Pizza Factory franchisee and therefore, led me to take over ownership of Pizza Factory.  My mentors have helped me to move from the franchisee level to the franchisor level. Everyone I’ve met has been very generous with their time when it comes to sharing past experiences and learning opportunities. They have walked along side as I go through this journey of new growth, experiences and self-revelation. They continue to push me beyond my comfort zone.   I truly believe that there are no problems; there are only solutions. Finding those solutions can be difficult, and it may not be the solution you had in mind, but it’s a solution none the less. An open mind is crucial for growth and being a good leader.

This philosophy of single minded focus now exists at Angara on both a company level and at an individual level. We strive to hire people who have a passion for excellence in any one area, even if it’s not related to the role they would be taking on. When developing the next generation of leaders within the company, we try to develop skill sets and set goals that are very specific and very lofty.  My management philosophy has been heavily influenced by Warren Buffett. From the beginning, Warren knew he wanted to become the world’s greatest investor. He dedicated his life to that pursuit and left virtually everything else alone. Interestingly, when Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were each asked to identify the single greatest factor in their success, they both said “Focus.”