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Focus on Best At Tips

During the last 10 years at our online jewelry company, Angara, we have seen a lot of ups and downs. When we look back and think about what was working well during our ups and what wasn’t working well during our downs, it all comes down to focus. We are at our best when we focus on one thing and strive to be better at that thing than anyone else.    Early on in our history, we were trying to be all things to all people— selling loose diamonds, diamond jewelry, lab created jewelry and gemstone jewelry. We took on way too much, and as a result, we weren’t really the best at anything. That became a recipe for mediocrity and almost caused us to fail. Being so close to that failure forced us to focus on the one thing that we were really good at. That focus turned everything around.

Today, we believe that we are the world’s best at selling customized gemstone jewelry. We have created a great customer experience, maintain very high quality, manufacture each piece as a custom piece and have a lightning fast supply chain. We now have more than 120 team members across three offices that are dedicated to this single goal. As a result, we are growing 10 times faster than our competition. This philosophy of single minded focus now exists at Angara on both a company level and at an individual level. We strive to hire people who have a passion for excellence in any one area, even if it’s not related to the role they would be taking on. When developing the next generation of leaders within the company, we try to develop skill sets and set goals that are very specific and very lofty.  My management philosophy has been heavily influenced by Warren Buffett. From the beginning, Warren knew he wanted to become the world’s greatest investor. He dedicated his life to that pursuit and left virtually everything else alone. Interestingly, when Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were each asked to identify the single greatest factor in their success, they both said “Focus.”

Choose a Customer Service Tips

Communications is one of the most important aspects of any business, but between daily operations and sealing new deals, it can be hard to find the time for you and your staff to mind the phones. Balancing productivity and customer service can be a tough job, but luckily there’s a solution. When businesses can’t handle customer service and technical support, or need assistance in generating new leads, many turn to call center services. These companies do more than just answer calls; call centers will assist customers, conduct surveys, and obtain feedback to find out how you can better position your company in the future.

The most robust call center services will help you expand your customer base while retaining your current customers through marketing, data gathering, and multi-lingual support. They also can add a layer of professionalism to your company. Call center services can vary widely. While some businesses might only need a basic answering service, others might want the most sophisticated outreach options. This guide will help you understand the variety of call center services available and determine which one is right for your business in 2017.

If you’ve got a business that fields a lot of calls, or if you want to improve your outreach without burdening your staff and interrupting your day-to-day operations, you need a call center service. Call center services offer entrepreneurs a way to engage with their customers and provide professional support without requiring an in-house staff, making them valuable tools to retain current customers and also, in many cases, expand your customer base as well. In order to find the call center services you can trust with your business in 2017, we reviewed 30 companies that offer inbound and outbound calling services. Here is a roundup of our best picks and an explanation of how we chose them.

Email Marketing Contact List

Developing a successful email marketing strategy starts with building a proper contact list.

“Contact lists are the foundation for successful email marketing because they’re more than simply names on a sheet,” Dave McCann, vice president of customer success for Constant Contact, told Business News Daily. “They allow you to keep track of, and engage, your customers instead of wasting time marketing to the masses.”

Quality over quantity

While you might be tempted to focus on building the biggest list possible, SEO and email marketing expert Brian Dean said it is more important to focus on quality over quantity. You want your list to be filled with people who have an interest in your business.

“You can have the best newsletters and the best offers, but if your contact list isn’t a good fit your emails are likely to fall flat,” Dean said.

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