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Low Volume Call Center Service Solution

Call center services can be a useful tool for entrepreneurs; they spare small business owners and their employees from having to field calls and process orders, freeing them up to work on more pressing tasks. For small businesses looking for a call center that will answer the occasional call and perform crucial services without imposing minimum call number or minimum invoice requirements, we recommend Xact Telesolutions.

The key for a low-call-volume business is to find a call center with no monthly minimums or invoice requirements. With Xact Telesolutions, you’ll pay only for the services you use. Many other call center services require either a minimum number of calls or minutes on the phone, while others charge you a base fee regardless of how much of their service you use. Small businesses that don’t regularly meet these minimums or don’t require the base level of services would be better off going with a no-minimum service like Xact. Customizable Xact Telesolutions, like all of the call center services we recommended in our reviews, is a customizable service, so it includes only the functions your business requires.

The rate you pay will vary depending on which services you choose, so you’ll need to speak with a representative to obtain a quote for your individualized plan. Inbound services to choose from include appointment management, customer service, order processing, credit card processing, technical support, loyalty programs and follow-up scheduling. Outbound services offered by Xact Telesolutions include lead generation, appointment reminders, collection reminders, online and print marketing campaigns, customer feedback, and surveys. Xact Telesolutions also maintains a disaster recovery center, which will ensure your business remains operational during natural or man-made disasters. Support for multiple languages Call center agents at Xact are accent-neutral English speakers, and they have employees fluent in Spanish as well. For other languages, Xact partners with a third-party translation service that supports more than 100 languages, ensuring that any of your non-English-speaking customers will have somebody available to accommodate them. Customer support Xact Telesolutions utilizes an automated system to queue callers, but our call was answered immediately. The agents were friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. We were pleased that our questions were answered by one customer service representative instead of having our call passed to multiple representatives.